Math and Reading Over the Summer

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Sometimes the knowledge that we acquire from school is like a muscle – it requires regular exercise and fine tuning to stay strong and sharp. It’s no surprise that parents feel concerned that their children will lose what they’ve learned in school over the summer vacation.

Luckily there are some fun, innovative ways that you can keep your child’s skills sharp over the summer, while still ensuring that they have fun.

Math Skills
According to studypug, you can boost your child’s ability for math and numbers this summer by doing the following fun tasks around your home:
1. Make numbers a routine by waking up every day and reading the time together. You can watch the news and read the daily temperature. You can even show them the temperature on the oven when you cook them their lunch!

2. Record your height at the beginning of summer on a growth chart in your home, and then record the height again mid-way and at the end of summer. Then compare the heights and use addition or subtraction to see how tall each of you has grown over the summer!

3. Take your child to the grocery store and see how math is used in everyday life, such as shopping! Show them how to measure out your produce on the scale, count out money to pay for the bill, and even subtract sale prices from regular prices. The grocery store is a great place to learn math.

4. Use restaurant math, and ask your child to learn the difference between prices, dollars and cents for the cost of food while dining out.

5. Measure the distance to a destination if you go on a road trip – or even if you are just staying in town for a staycation! Grab a road map that indicates the distance between two places, and help your child measure the distance. Then compare that distance between a different two destinations. Ask your child which distance is greater, or which destination they think would take longer to drive to? Compare those distances to other destinations.

6. Counting money is another great way to learn math, as well as life skills. Give your child a handful of coins and ask him or her to pay for an item of your choice for, say, $0.65, and ask them to count out the correct change.

Reading Skills
For reading, try to make it fun for your child. Here are some great ideas to increase your child’s reading skills and comprehension over the summer:
1. Create a summer reading club for them, where they visit the local library or bookstore and choose a certain amount of books to read over the summer. Once they complete a set amount, they receive a prize or a sticker.

2. Offer them a reading comprehension workbook, found at many teacher supply and even big box stores. These offers self-quiz, fun stories and allow them to practice their reading and comprehension all summer.

3. Encourage creative writing while working their imaginations! Get them to choose a topic that they love (a family pet, a holiday or a favourite food) and get them to write a short story about this subject. You can even grab the thesaurus and get them to use some cool, fun new alternative words to spice up their story!

4. Focus on specific skills, such as grammar or punctuation, and get them to take 15 minutes per day to work on these skills.

5. Make it fun by creating a word search treasure hunt around your yard or home. Place clues around that your child has to decipher, spell or solve a riddle that will ultimately end with a treasure!

Summer is a time for carefree and fun days spent playing outside, enjoying life and relaxing – but it can also be a great time to keep those math and reading skills sharp. If you adopt some of these ideas above, your child will be more than ready for the next grade come September.

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Physiotherapy to Prevent Falls

The idea of falling can evoke fear in many people, particularly in the elderly who may live alone. Incidents of people falling, and injuries resulting from these falls increase as we advance in age. Considering that 1 out of 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year, there is reason to understand why many people in this age bracket experience anxiety around the idea of falling. If falling is a concern of yours, it’s important to be informed of the risks and the myths around this type of accident. This way you can be prepared and provide a safer environment for yourself.

Some common perceptions regarding falling include:

A feeling of being immune from falling. This includes being ignorant to the chance that you could fall, or that you could sustain an injury from it. In truth, falling is among one of the top reasons adults are hospitalized. Regardless of your age or health, it is always wise to take preventative measures against falling, including maintaining your health and watching risky behaviour such as climbing onto chairs or tables.

Only old people fall. Falling is not an inevitable part of aging. The truth is, aging individuals who properly care for themselves are far less likely to fall than someone who is younger who doesn’t care for themselves. If you are looking for tips on how to prevent falls as you age, your doctor or a physiotherapy Vancouver clinic can help you.

If I don’t go out or more around, I won’t fall. The assumption that being sedentary lessens a person’s chance of falling doesn’t make since, since no movement equals no chance of falling. In reality, according to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, being inactive can actually increase the risk of falling and getting hurt because doing less leads to decreased overall strength, balance and endurance.

How Physiotherapy can help you prevent falls

Booking an appointment with your physiotherapist is one of the most effective ways to give yourself peace of mind about your physical health. Your physiotherapist will discuss your fears about falling and evaluate your risk of falling. If you are at risk, you can learn exercises and activities that will help you build your muscles, particularly in your core, that will help your balance and to keep you upright. Regular physiotherapy sessions can greatly reduce your risk of falling, so seek out your physiotherapist for an appointment today.

Facts about the Importance of feeling balanced on your feet:

• Without preventative measures, approximately one third of people aged 65 years and over will fall at least once a year.
• Falls usually happen due to factors that can be prevented
• Most falls occur while doing usual daily activities.
• The more risk factors a person has, the greater their chances of falling.
• Staying fall-free can help you to stay independent and avoid the need to enter a long-term care facility.

Key Ways to Prevent Falls

• Work on core strength so to improve your balance and mobility
• Increase your physical activity, including activities that strengthen muscles
• Ensure proper intake of vitamin D and calcium, essential for healthy bones
• Have regular vision check-ups to maintain healthy vision
• Reduce hazards in your home or outdoors that may cause falls, such as loose rugs, unstable furniture and clutter

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Can Fraxel Laser Procedures Eliminate Stretch Marks?


When most people think of fraxel laser procedures, they think of skin ablation for the face. While your face is the most common target area for those looking for laser treatment – the technology of Fraxel laser can do so much more! For example, according to, fraxel laser procedures are one of the best ways to lower the exposure of stretch marks? In many cases, stretch marks can be removed after several subsequent therapies.

What Causes Stretch Marks:

These undesirable blemishes are due to fast extending of skin that has not been given plenty of your energy and effort to achieve adequate flexibility. Any unexpected excess bodyweight (such as bodyweight obtained with pregnancy) could generate them on your skin. As the skin is stretched, the assisting levels of the skin can become broken due to being stretched beyond their boundaries. When this happens, the skin can take on collections of red, violet, or white, and can appear brought up (like scars) and shiny – blemishes on the skin that can often be unpleasant and apparent.

How does Fraxel Work?

Fraxel is a term used for fraxel laser device ablation. To be able to comprehend the working of this technology we first need to comprehend how the stretch marks are established. Our skin has three levels. The top part is known as skin and the center part is skin. The center part forms the shape of our human body and increases with the bodily proportions. It has a certain limit of flexibility that allows it to flourish. When skin is stretched more than its flexibility, the bovine collagen (a protein that is established naturally in one’s human body to be able to repair the skin tissues) gets damaged and similar red lines can be seen on the skin.

In the fraxel laser procedures, the involved area is cleaned and then a local sedation is applied over it. Now a hand piece is applied over the represents. It flashes radiation even slimmer than the hair on the center part of the skin that is the skin. It makes minute injuries that activate the skin to cure. This way the lost bovine collagen is renewed. One sitting costs $ 600 and takes 20 to 25 minutes. Usually the doctors recommend 4 to 6 evenings, but this relies on your human body and the represents that you have. The results are noticeable in 2 to 6 months.

When you go through fraxel laser procedures to eliminating stretch marks, the laser works to motivate your skins own natural bovine collagen manufacturing. The benefits of this triggered bovine collagen manufacturing is that bovine collagen is a substance that contains many proteins, and already normally happens in your body to repair broken skin cells. The laser simply motivates more bovine collagen growth, providing your skin an increase of bovine collagen to help complete the collections that have been designed – making them combination more into the rest of your skin.

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Buy Home Insurance Online the Right Way

For protecting your home or house, it is not just about safeguarding it against theft or structural damage. It is actually about feeling more secure in the home you live. If the disaster strikes, you need to have insurance to reclaim your sense of stability. Hence, check out the tips for buying home insurance online:

Always compare the rates from different insurers because all the insurance agents and companies give free quotes online. For this purpose, you can also utilize online insurance assessment websites giving comparison on insurance quotes. These websites are designed to inquire you some questions before giving your information to the leading insurance companies, which in return give the quotes to you.

You have to review all the quotes available carefully. An insurance quote actually includes more than what you actually pay every month. You need to look for the amount of coverage, which you are going to receive from the policy. Have a look at any exceptional options that the insurance company might offer. Also keep in mind that there are various limitations on the particular coverage you need. Always bear in mind that the less expensive insurance policy may not be necessarily your ideal choice.

After this, you have to narrow down the list of insurance companies to a few based on the most excellent quotes you get. Try to research about every company and eliminate them from your list which is not reputed. You can do internet search on every company to find out customer ratings and comments. If possible, ask your family members and friends if they have insurance from any of the companies in your list. Please check the information on the website of the company and find out more about the services offered along with the history of the company.

Choose 1 or 2 insurance companies from which you might think of buying your home insurance. You can visit the company website to find out how much client support that particular company is offering. Be certain that the company’s site is secure and safe. The site must contain the company’s security and privacy policies. Also try to check whether the website encrypts sensitive and private information.

Gather all the collected information together for the company, which you going to apply for home insurance. If you do not have all the adequate information about how much it will cost to buy your home, then strike out the cost of your belongings and calculate the exact amount before taking the specific home insurance policy.

After making the final calculation, request for the final insurance quote. Make sure beforehand that you are in a position to request a quote before buying the insurance from the selected company. Also check whether the quote you receive is less than the first quote you got from the insurance company.

The last step is to contact the insurance broker or provider by email or phone if you have any questions before submitting the final application online for your home insurance.

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Travel to Whistler Blackcomb by Charter

Whistler Blackcomb is an all season resort found in Whistler, Canada. It is found about 125 km north of Vancouver, British Columbia and it takes approximately two hours to drive to Whistler Blackcomb. Whistler Blackcomb houses the two greatest vertical-rise ski mountains, thus making it the main and the largest ski resort in North America. In terms of area, it is 50% bigger than its closest competitor, and it also have the greatest uphill lift capacity. In addition, it also had the highest vertical skiable distance by 2009.

Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains

When facing the Whistler-Blackcomb ski area from Whistler Village, Whistler Mountain is found on the right-most (southern mountain). Its summit elevation is 2,184 meters with a total vertical drop of 1,530 meters where one is able to ski. On the other hand, Blackcomb Mountain is the left-most mountain (northern mountain) when viewing it in the same position as that of the Whistler Mountain. Its elevation is 2,240 meters and is serviced by a lift.

Initially, Whistler was considered to be part of a bid to win the Winter Olympics of 1968. It never had the chance because the bids were either being withdrawn or lost to other cities through a series of events. Despite of that challenge, the construction work for the resort commenced and by January, in the year 1966, the resort was first opened for business purposes. With time, in the 1980s and 1990s, the resort expanded widely and was considered a centerpiece of a renewed bid, especially for the portion which was near Vancouver. And in July 2003, Vancouver/ Whistler emerged with the winning bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. You can see more travel details about getting from Vancouver to Whistler at the Whistler Village website.

Some of the events hosted by the Whistler Blackcomb included, the alpine skiing events (all gender’s Olympics and Paralympics alpine skiing disciplines of downhill), super-G, giant slalom, as well as super combined and slalom. The Dave Murray downhill course found towards the Whistler Creekside, after 50 years, hosted an Olympic downhill event. This was after being surveyed and found to be suitable for that event.

The Whistler and Blackcomb at first were separate resorts, but in 1997, they were merged together after the BC real estate firm which had developed the Blackcomb bought Whistler. The same firm over some time also purchased other ski resorts across North America, and later expanded into golf and other resorts too.

Features of Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler has a total of 20 operational lifts, seven high-speed quad chair (detachable) and two fixed grip chair lifts among others. Whistler Blackcomb also has Peak 2 Peak Gondola which is used for locomotion between the two mountain tops; the Whistler and the Blackcomb. Peak 2 Peak Gondola is a worldwide record holder of not only being the highest, but also the longest unsupported cable car span.

About two million visitors come to Whistler Blackcomb every year. This has made the place very popular and the most visited ski resort ever. Whistler Blackcomb activities are all seasons, ranging from shredding during the winters to bike racing on the Whistler Mountain Bike Park during summer seasons, just but to mention a few because there are endless options for you to choose on once you visit this place.

It has magnificent pedestrian village which consists of many restaurants, cafes, shops, patios, galleries and spas. The place is also surrounded with breathtaking scenery. Whistler Blackcomb is a spectaculars four season resort for you to visit.

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Warehouse Services that Save you Money

A place where goods are kept for future use is referred to as a warehouse. At times, the business goods may be stored even if their supply in the manufacturing market is low. In fact, a successful business is one which has a steady, fast and timely supply chain of goods and services to all their clients and meeting their demands too. Skilled and educated professional workers are needed in the management and efficient administration of the stored business goods in the warehouse.

Scanned Document

Warehouse can be many in a place, but their unique design should provide the required storage service of both perishable and non-perishable goods. There exist numerous warehouse services. These warehouse services are co-operative and they consists of the following: logistics, transportation, road- transportation as well as the shipment of goods. Therefore, warehouse services can be defined as those services which offer storage, transportation, and distribution of goods and services in order to maintain a supply chain of the products involved in warehousing; both perishable and non-perishable goods.

In this modern days, consumers requires that goods and services to be delivered to them as first as possible and in a reliable manner. For this reason, warehouse services have become the order of the day. The act of storing business goods or products on behalf of the main manufacturers before and during their distribution stage to various destinations is authorized, is known as warehouse and distribution. It can also be explained as the act of creating an artificial demand of business goods. This procedure helps in deliverance of goods and services directly to customers upon required. Warehouse services such as those involved in the distribution of goods have greatly impacted positively in the business sector of many enterprises, companies or organizations since they are consistent and time conscious. When you do late shipments, provide shipment for wrong merchandise or even packaged your goods with incorrect packaging, your company will definitely be at risk of many factors.

Warehouse can store goods and deliver them to customers efficiently and in timely manner. Through application of technologies like computers, it is possible to generate a list containing all the products that need to be transported. This reduces the chances of late shipment as well as shipping of the wrong merchandise.

Warehouse services in depth

Asset management – through the use of very effective facilities and software, the goods and materials will be stored properly. Some companies offering warehousing services can also assist you in the distribution process of your goods and materials. They also avail to you a perfect inventory to ease the accessibility of your stored goods.

Transportation – warehouse services not only entails storage of goods alone but also their distribution and delivery from one place to the other. This is possible since each location is provided with a vehicle unit thus reducing the costs that may be incurred when couriers were used.

Other services, apart from the se main ones include: quality assurance such as inspection; maintenance and repair such as packaging and repackaging of goods, freight brokerage as well as fulfilling order services.

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Payroll and Human Resources Software Saves you Money

Payroll/ hr software is a comprehensive accounting software used in fulfilling the modern day payroll process. Requirements for payroll and hr are unique and so the type of payroll software or human resources software you intend to use must be able to meet these requirements. This can be possible if the payroll software is a flexible and diverse one; by this statement I mean that the payroll software must be able to accommodate many complex requirements of different industries and organizations.


The development of technology and the evolution of analog to digital era has made most businesses and organizations to adopt payroll software technology. And since then, it has become unnecessary and inefficient to engage yourself in manual management of your payroll over a spreadsheet trying to calculate payroll taxes and overtime. This manual management of payroll was very tedious and consumed a lot of time. With that, I think you now know why it is important for you to consider having a payroll software for your business or organization. One amazing thing with this technology is that, there are several payroll software solutions which gives you many options that you can choose on. Furthermore, these payroll software solutions are reliable and highly specialized, in addition to their user friendly and versatile advantages.

Types of Payroll software

Below is a list of payroll software which are considered popular and rated high:

QuickBooks is a simple payroll software with accounting solutions. It is very efficient and has many payroll options. It can cost $100 to $300 a year as a desktop application or $29.95 per month for online payroll services.

Comvida is a web based system which offers online payroll solution and human resources software. It is very compatible with complex organizations and improves overall systems.

XpressPayroll software is design for small business which requires online payroll services. It is easy to use and can provide the following functionalities; file taxes, process direct payments as well as creating reports.

Wells Fargo Business Payroll services
This payroll software solution can deal with tax deposits and is very convenient as it canalso print checks and process deposits.

PayCycle, Inc
It is a well-known company which offers online payroll services for businesses. Over 50,000 small businesses are using this online payroll service. Both the health savings account distributions and pre-tax contributions of employees can also be cover by this type of Payroll software solution. In addition, the electronic filling feature using IRS Form 944 is included in it.

Paychex’s Online Payroll
This kind of online payroll service is complex but with simple features for managing payments. It assists businesses or organizations to effectively manage their employees’ compensations. Paychex’s Online Payroll is more than eight years old in providing payroll software solutions.

These are just but a few of the Payroll software used globally. The type of Payroll and hr software that you will use will entirely depend on your preference, financial status as well as your business requirements. Always consider the expertise of the company that is offering the payroll software solution more than the price of the selected payroll software.

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